ambient temperature standard 40 °C (up to 55 °C possible)
installation indoor
place of production Germany
marine classification yes (individual inspections)

acceleration data

start time unlimited
cooling time between 2 starts standard 30 minutes (up to 10-60 minutes possible)
number of consecutive starts from cold standard 2 ( up to 3 possible)
waiting time between 2 consecutive starts from cold 3 × start time
The cold condition is achieved after the last start + 4 x cooling time between 2 starts

electrical data

rated voltage 3,6 7,2 12 17,5  kV      
short time power frequency withstand voltage 10 20 28 38  kV - 1 minute (50Hz)
rated lightning impulse withstand voltage 40 60 75 95  kV      
short circuit current 6 8 16 20 25 31.5 40  kA - 1s
peak withstand current 15 20 40 50 63 80 100  kA
altitude standard < 1.000 m (up to 2.900 m possible) over NHN

the start transformer

description dry-type, vacuum pressure impregnated with lifting lugs and overvoltage arrestors in the star point
cooling AN (air natural convection)
number of tappings standard 3 (up to 5 possible)
insulation class H (180 °C), used to 150 °C
connection class Ya0
winding material copper
core material electrical sheet
supports galvanized steel
temperature supervision in each phase 2 PT 100 elements
place of production Germany

switching devices


depending on the execution (rated voltage, rated current, short circuit current) a MV vacuum contactor, a contactor with HH fuses or a vacuum circuit breaker will be used.

star point

depending on the execution (rated voltage, rated current, short circuit current) a MV vacuum contactor or a vacuum circuit breaker will be used.


the mains switching device with the motor protection relay is located in the MV distribution and is no constituent of the starter.


Description powder coated steel housing with lifting lugs, earthing terminal and earthing bolts at the incoming, suitable for fork lift transportation
colour RAL 7035 
protection class standard IP 3X ( up to IP 43 possible)
MV cable entry from below, with cable clamp support
LV cable entry from below


Dimensions and weights

Dimensions and weight of the starter are depending on the rated voltage, the rated current, rated short circuit current and the start current of the motor. Furthermore the size of the start transformer has a significant influence on the total dimensions. The size of the transformer will also be additonally determined by the start time and the start voltage, which are also related to the data of the driven machine. All our offers contain dimensions and weight of the respective starter.

The dimensions of the starter range between
  Width Depth Height  
minimum 1.000 1.200 2.000 mm
maximum 2.500 3.000 2.400 mm


The weights of the starter range between

minimum 600 kg      
maximum 10.000 kg      


Large starters are delivered in two units and will be mounted at site (a detailed manual will be provided on this).

the control

functions / supervisions start current
  start time
  cooling time
  number of consecutive starts
  waiting time between consecutive starts
  achievement of cold condition
  switching sequence
  start release
  switch position control for 2 switching devices in the starter and one switching device (mains) outside the starter
  start transformer temperature
control voltage standard 230 V AC (others are possible), to be provided at site
LV-cable cross section minimum 0,75 mm2

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